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OASIS 2023 Choreographers

Jalen Headshot Oasis.png


Jalen Stewart has been dancing since he was 5 years old. He began his dance training at Savage Dance Company, where he trained in Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Hip Hop. Jalen has been featured on Sesame Street, The Good Night Show, PBS Kids Block, commercials and PSA’s. He has also trained at various studios in NY and LA. Jalen’s goal is to inspire young dancers and his love for the arts and dance has led him to becoming a teacher at B. Funk Dance Studio.


A Virginia native from Hampton Roads, Julika Cuffy has been dancing in the art of Hip Hop such as Funk and Street style through Choreography for years. She finds her movement unique and delights in sharing herself with others. Having trained with different dance companies such as Capitol Movement Inc (DC), Culture Shock DC XV (DC), and CREWcial Alum (Va Beach). As well as performed for many events, East Coast Dance Competition (Washington, DC), Something in the Water (Va Beach, VA), The John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center Urban Festival (Washington DC), etc . Julika takes her spare time teaching at studios to enrich the youth with the knowledge of dance, specifically Hip Hop. However through her art she hopes to give inspiration, passion, and motivation to those she shares it with. Giving a unique take of what it is to look at dance as a language rather than just movement. To have a voice, and using it to say how she feels through her artistry.

Ishanathan headshot oasis.png


Ishanathan Guteng is a dancer, choreographer and teacher from Columbia, Maryland. He has trained on Laura Edwards Dance Company (LED), with Ascendant Dance Company (ADC) under Gina Michael and is an alumni of Major Definition. His style draws inspiration from afro dance, street jazz, hip-hop, contemporary and modern movement. His goal as an artist is to inspire others and cultivate a space of knowledge, awareness, and expression to create a positive impact.


Ariti Dorsey has been dancing since she was three years old. If you ask her mother, she’d say that Ariti has been moving since she was in her belly. Ariti’s love for dance and performance grew and developed as she found herself performing with different studios and projects such as Karma’s Dance Factory, B.Funk, Future Shock DC, Pebbles Dance Crew, Laura Edwards Dance Company, Code Red Project, and many more. In 2018, Ariti took a three year hiatus as she was focusing on developing other skills, but she couldn't stay away from dance much longer. A close friend of hers pushed her to apply for teaching opportunities and upon being accepted, she was reminded of how deep her love for dance truly was.  Since then she has been deepening her roots as a movement artist.

Ariti Dorsey Headshot.png
Dimonte Headshot Oasis_edited.jpg


Dimonte Holland is a dancer/choreographer from Baltimore, Maryland. He has trained amongst a few household names such as Lorenzo Evans, Juwaan Walker, Deshawn Da Prince & Rob Bynes. In addition to that he has been a part of multiple dance teams such as Laura Edwards Dance Company (LED), Royal Thieves NYC, Kreative Mindz Dance Academy LA and Culture Shock DC. As a teacher, his goal for dancers is to express themselves with purpose pertaining to life itself, self reflection, release aspect and just a digging deeper method. He follows these same exact elements within his own artistic style of movement. Dimonte wishes for students to leave class with a great time all while grasping awesome training within a safe learning environment.


Scotte Blu is an award winning dancer and choreographer. She found her love for dance at about 8 years old by entering talent shows in her elementary school with her friends! She started taking dance classes in and around Austin, Texas at 14 years old. This is when she joined her first official dance team. She soon began competing and teaching at local Austin studios. In 2020, she moved to the DMV and started training at Cerdafied Dance Studio and Bfunk Dance Studios. In the last 5 years Scotte has been traveling around the United States to train at dance conventions like Monsters of Hip Hop, KAOS, Shell Shock and many more. Right now she is focusing on developing her choreography and teaching skills. She teaches pop up classes in the DMV area and is really looking forward to showcasing her work at The Oasis Vessel Showcase! She’s so excited to show you her creation, and hopes you find some inspiration from it!

Scotte Blue Headshot Oasis.png
Trinity Headshot.png


Trinity Riley is a dancer and choreographer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her journey through tap, ballet, and contemporary dance genres as an individual, studio, and team dancer at Danceworks, Sole Matter, and the Davis Boys and Girls Club demonstrates her expansive approach to hip-hop based choreography and her commitment to teaching with excellence and generosity. For the past four years she has resided in the DMV where she has trained with Phunktions and the Laura Edwards Dance Company, as well as taking part in several other projects. She hopes to utilize her training and artistry to create work that inspires others of the endless possibilities of expression that dance provides, and the importance of honoring your own narrative. 


Born in Boston, MA, Mysh began their dance training at the age of 2 through traditional Armenian dance. They then quickly developed a profound interest in many dance genres. By the age of 4 Mysh began training strongly in classical ballet. After many years of intensive training, Mysh performed with the Moscow Ballet Theatre, CityDance Conservatory, Olney Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet School, Baltimore Ballet, Ballet Royale, and Carolina Ballet Theatre. They trained intensely in ballet, contemporary, Horton style modern, and broadway style tap and jazz before transitioning into the world of commercial dance. In the past four years she has trained and performed with Laura Edwards Dance Company, Phunktions Dance Team, Vibe Dance Team, and Monica Polk and Friends. She also regularly interns for the Body and Soul Intensive. Additionally, they regularly choreograph for Dynamic Dance Team at the University of Maryland. Her vast experience in multiple genres has given her the ability to create and move with various dynamics, textures, and qualities. Mysh strives to create art that both moves her audience and elicits an interpretable and unique experience.

Mysh Headshot.png
Ciera Headshot.png


At the age of three, Ciera Lindsey began her dance training at Dance & Bodyworks studios in Prince George’s County, Maryland. By the age of five, Ciera found her love for dance and the performing arts when she began to train in various dance styles such as Hip Hop, ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and more. In 2016, she would join KickPebbles Crew and later FutureShock DC where she further developed and deepened her love for Hip Hop and street dance styles. Currently, Ciera is a senior at Towson University majoring in Dance, Performance, & Choreography with a minor focusing on a journalistic track in Mass Communications and a member of Laura Edwards Dance Company. Inspired and moved by those in her community, Ciera has created Towson’s first ever Hip Hop dance group to focus on street styles with a mission to unify dancers and ignite change for the inclusion of all dance styles at the collegiate level. Titled “The 7-1-8 Crew”, Ciera is dedicated and continues to bring dancers together by leading workshops, discussions on dance advocacy, and curating safe spaces for all movers.

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