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OASIS is an annual choreographers showcase that aims to highlight and praise the talent in the DMV dance community.​


Come join us Sunday, June 23 for our third annual showcase!

Learn more about our choreographers below.

Kaylan Amber Walcott


Kaylan Amber Walcott is a dance artist and creative now based in the DC area that specializes in what they define as “the work of feeling”. Following upwards of 9 years of formal ballet and contemporary training, Kaylan expanded to other styles after moving to DC and joining GW’s Corcoran Scholars Program for Dance, Capital Funk, ShoOffNation, and Laura Edwards Dance Company. They’re journey continues to lead them to create and share with the communities that have shaped them. Kaylan strives to facilitate the most authentic iterations of movement which fuses contemporary, ballet, jazz, afro, and hip hop technique; with the larger purpose to evoke feeling in both movers and those who will observe.


Daquarius Sherrod-Cuffee


Daquarius Sherrod-Cuffee, born and raised in the 757, is a rather passionate movement artist who prefers to express himself through street style based movements. Dance has always been apart of his testimony - even as a child you couldn’t pay him to sit still for too long because his desire to dance was just that strong. Although he grew up moving and groovin’ as a child, Daquarius didn’t begin to train professionally until he was 17 years old; Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, you name it. It wasn’t until he was 18 years old when he decided to further pursue his love for hip hop dance, and along the journey he fell in love with other street styles such as popping and dancehall as well. 

In the past, he has trained with The Academy of Classical & Contemporary Dance, The Attucks Dance Company (soon renamed “Pollock & Company”), and Motion Madness Crew. Outside of being a freelanced mover, and attending various workshops and popup classes, Daquarius’ main source of training and overall artistic development comes from him being apart of the illustrious dance program known as MOTUS The Company. Training with MOTUS gives him the opportunity to evolve under the supervision of world-renowned choreographer, dancer, and teacher, Diana Matos, and many other exceptional artists as well, such as JBlaze, PopinPete, Rich & Tone, Ysabelle Capitulé, and Luz Remigio-Frias to name a few. 

He also has quite a few years of teaching experience as well - mostly from workshops, popup classes, dance sessions, and choreographer opportunities. He was even one of the Hip Hop teachers at Denise Wall’s Dance Energy located in Virginia Beach, VA for their 2021-2022 dance season. 

Despite Daquarius being a rather shy individual, he has truly grown to become a vessel of inspiration amongst his peers through his movement, and teaching abilities; hopefully other reserved creatives who may feel inhibited ,or sheepish, about their craft can gain a sense of that same inspiration, and begin using it to share their passions with the world all while continuing to love, and learn themselves in the process.

Kelsey Smith


Kelsey Smith is a 19 year old dancer from Ashburn, Virginia. She started dancing at the age of 3 and grew up on a competitive dance team where she trained in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary. At the age of 13 years old she started to immerse herself in the dance industry and started to focus more on hip hop and commercial dance styles. She has trained in many places in the DMV including B. Funk Dance Company, Cerdafied Studios, Vessel, and Abundant Dance Studios. Her main goal and dream is to become a choreographer and teacher and to be able to travel the world while doing what she loves. She ultimately hopes to inspire not only dancers from the DMV but dancers from all around the world to be their most authentic selves in their craft.

Oasis Choreographers Flyer 2024.png

Ishanathan Guteng


Ishanathan Guteng is a dancer, choreographer and teacher from Columbia, Maryland. As a cellist of 13 years, his love for music long preceded his passion for dance, serving as the gateway to the start of his dance training journey at the age of 19. He has trained on Laura Edwards Dance Company (LED), Ascendant Dance Company (ADC), is an alumni of Major Definition, and is the recipient of the Worldwide Dance Scholarship, an award given to two dancers in the world by renowned educator Gina Michael. His style draws inspiration from afro dance, street jazz, hip-hop, contemporary and modern movement. His goal as an artist is to inspire others and cultivate a space of knowledge, awareness, and expression to create a positive impact.

Tulani Janae


Tulani Janae found her love for dance and performing arts at the early age of 8. She began dancing at a local ballet studio for foundational training, which did not last long.


Just one year later she discovered Hip-Hop is where she felt the most passionate. Joining Culture Shock DC, as part of their youth team, she began to flourish and develop her love for street styles. Throughout her time with the Culture Shock DC family, Tulani developed the skills to effectively teach aspiring dancers and choreograph dance pieces.


For the past six years, she has been teaching at various workshops and studios in the DMV area as well as curating her own creative projects. Some of these include: Shell Shock DC, Elements Urban Arts Collective, Capital Funk, and B. Funk Dance Co.


After spending a long time away from dance due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tulani felt disconnected and lacked a desire to engage in the art form she loved so much. One step she took was to participate in The MAJ Program offered by Andye J which focused on professional dance training and personal coaching. Upon completion of this 4-week program, Tulani was inspired and motivated to develop and provide opportunities for people in her own community.


This was the beginning of the VESSEL idea. With the help of family and friends the organization was established and hosted its first event on June 25 and 26, 2021 featuring Candace Brown, Justin Conte, Bo Park, Christina Camacho, and Ty Newby. In January 2022, VESSEL, INC. was established as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization with Tulani Janae serving as its Chief Executive Officer.


Joaquin Ruiz


Joaquin Ruiz is a Colombian and Puerto Rican dancer raised in VIRGINIA. Growing up dancing and playing sports, dance is what he gravitated towards. He trained in all styles including Hip-Hop, House, Afro-House, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, and Latin Styles from the age of 8 to present day. Since then he’s showcased in the DMV, Philadelphia, New York, RI, and LA at World of Dance, Sybarite, CONNECT, and many more. He used these opportunities to train, teach, and freestyle around the country to strengthen his relationship with dance. Dance is his method of expression and he only wants to spread his love, determination, work-ethic, and exploration to any artist who feels the same passion for this craft and art-form. 

Danielle Malley


Danielle developed her love for dance when she started dancing at the tender age of 3. Her training began at Expressions Dance Studio and continued at other studios around the DMV, including Dance Dimensions. During her high school years she danced for the Bishop McNamara HS Dance team and the Sankofa African Dance Company. When she attended college, Danielle contributed her dance skills to the Salisbury University team for four years and served as the Assistant Director of the team for two years. Her training and team experiences have garnered her extensive skills in contemporary, jazz, modern, ballet and tap. She shares her talents with the DMV community through occasional teaching opportunities at local studios.

Danielle Malley uses her dance training, degree, and experience to serve as the Director of Digital Media & Production of Vessel, Inc. and the producer of the OASIS Showcase.


Paetyn Lewis


Paetyn Lewis, a dancer originally from upstate New York and currently residing in the DC area, has always been surrounded by the art of dance. She began dancing at the young age of 3 and has since received extensive training in a wide variety of styles including hip-hop, modern, contemporary, tap, jazz, ballet, Irish, and musical theater. In 2022 she proudly graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in Dance.


Because of her passion for dance, she now has the privilege of sharing her knowledge and talents with the next generation of dancers in the DMV area. Paetyn has taught for various dance teams and studios in Maryland including Bfunk Dance Company, Major Definition, Phunktions, and Prima Dolls Dance Team. She is currently teaching at Unity Dance and Movement and C-Unit Studio in Bethesda MD. Through teaching, she is able to inspire and empower the youth to express themselves through dance.


In addition to teaching, she continues to pursue her own artistic endeavors, honing her skills and pushing the boundaries of her craft by exploring the fusion of styles. She has worked and performed with many artists in the DMV including Ama Law, artists within the University of Maryland’s Dance Department and the Kennedy Center, Laura Edwards, Becky Hill and many more.

London Smith


London Smith is a self taught dancer who found her love of dance through her 11 years of Martial Arts. She applies both passions to her creativity. She expanded her knowledge of dance at CCBC Essex. She is now a vendor for Baltimore County Public Schools, often giving back to her younger dance community. She has shared her gifts with many studios such as Morton Street Dance Academy, Karma’s Dance Factory, Velocity Center of Dance and Zion Daughter’s Dance Academy. London is now the founder of her own company Elements Dance Crew who will be closing their 2nd season in the show tonight. She has also been on her own personal journey, performing with artists such as Pariz, Tyeler Reign, Tesehki, Tyler Michelle and YBS Skola. London is now ready to show others who she really is, not just a dancer but an artist. Are you ready? 

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