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The Planted Seed

The big three. Three years of growth. Three years of belonging. Three years of OASIS.

I am Danielle.

I am Vessel’s Director of Digital Media and Production.

I am the producer of OASIS.

Since the age of three, I have always been in front of an audience performing styles like jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, dunham, horton, african dance and hip-hop…kinda ( if you saw my hip-hop dance recital videos you might understand why I say that.) But I trained 6 days a week to prepare for that one moment to be on stage which to me was the most rewarding feeling as a dancer. The hard work and dedication it took to train with long hours and rehearsals was worth every bit of growth I received throughout the years. This was the start of me planting my seed as a dancer. 

Once it was time for college, I tried to plant my seed in other majors that wasn’t for me.  I knew I was meant to create but that could mean anything right? Going into my junior year of college, I finally got it right. I planted my seed as a media production and marketing management major. I was able to learn how to write scripts, direct any and everything with the types of projects I received, collaborate with my classmates on a final movie production, learn how to film and edit, create marketing strategies for local businesses as a project, learn how to give an elevator pitch and learn how to run a social platform.  My seed was blossoming!

Moving into 2022, Vessel wanted to plant the seed. We decided to have our very own showcase. When our executive director first mentioned the idea of Oasis, my eyes swelled up and I couldn’t contain my excitement. Is this the chance to water my seed even more?? To put everything I learned to the test?? It sure was!!

If you didn’t know, planning a showcase means you start a year in advance sometimes even earlier than that. We start planting our seed the day after the showcase to secure our spot for the following year. For our third annual showcase, the full watering process started December 2023 with team meetings of what worked and didn’t work last year, how we want to improve our showcase, the process of selecting the choreographers and so much more. 

Even though planning and producing a showcase is a lot, I wouldn't trade it for the world. The hundreds of emails, the creation of our marketing plans months in advance, operating all our social platforms and website is all worth it because I have the opportunity to be a part of what Vessel is trying to share. Vessel wants to share opportunities, affordable pricing, the best training and finally just a place on Sunday, June 23, 2024 where you can laugh, cry, cheer and just feel the love and comfort Vessel offers. 

Oasis is back and the seed is fully blooming! I couldn’t be more excited to start this journey all over again! 

We hope to see you there!!

Signed, Danielle. 


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